11 Plus Mocks

Our 11 Plus mocks are written by our very own 11 Plus expert, Marie Redmond MEd

Is your child feeling nervous about their 11 Plus exams? Do you want them to feel confidently prepared? Perhaps they’re struggling with a particular subject and you would like them to practice a wide range of the question types? Our 11 Plus mock exams will not only give your child plenty of exam hall experience, they will also let you know how they are currently performing and provide invaluable feedback on how to tackle the various question types.

At Marie Redmond Tuition we provide Buckinghamshire, Slough and Kendrick 11 Plus mock exams and Reading Boys 11 Plus mock exams.

Our 11 Plus mock exams feature:

  • Full exam conditions, with pre-recorded audio
  • Detailed results in under 48 hours
  • Video feedback for every incorrectly answered question, with Marie Redmond 11+ Intelligent Video Learning®
  • COVID secure venues
  • Free and unlimited changes
  • Every 11 Plus mock exam paper and question is unique

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You can book our 11 Plus mock exams here. Discounts are provided if you book more than exam one at the same time, and you can make changes to your child’s mock exam sessions by simply logging into your account.

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