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Our Year 5 Buckinghamshire/Kendrick (GL-style), Slough (GL-style) and Reading School (FSCE-style) 11+ Mock Exams are £80 each and you’ll receive a discount if you book more than one exam at the same time. Each paper is unique, so your child can sit as many as you wish.

An 11+ mock test is included at the end of each of our Year 5 summer courses. You can supplement this by booking alternative mock exams below.

Our 11+ Mock Exam Fees In 2024

Returning to book more exams in the same academic year? You’ll still benefit from our discounts.

Discounts are applied per booking but if you book again, reply to your new booking confirmation with ‘apply discount’ and we’ll refund the difference so you get the full discount available (or if you’re paying with Vouchers/Tax-Free Childcare, we’ll invoice you for the reduced amount).


What Is the Difference Between Exam Sessions (e.g. A, B, C, D, E, F and G)?

What does each exam session include?

Each mock exam session (e.g. exam A) simulates the real 11+ experience as closely as possible, with the same level of difficulty, number of papers, length of papers, and timings. For instance, if your child takes the Buckinghamshire/Kendrick Exam A, they will sit two papers with a short break in between, just like the actual exam.

How many mock exams can my child sit?

Your child can sit as many exams as you wish. For example, if your child is preparing for Buckinghamshire, they can attend up to 7 exams (exams A to G). Each exam is unique as no questions are repeated. It is not possible to fit all question types into one exam and therefore, the more exam sessions your child attends, the more practice they will get. In total your child can sit up to 13 exams (7 for Buckinghamshire/Kendrick, 3 for Slough and 3 for Reading School) as we do not repeat any questions in our exams!

Do the exams need to be sat in order?

In most (but not all) cases, our exam season begins with paper A and ends with paper G. However, papers can be sat in any order. They are designed to reflect the real 11+ exam as closely as possible and therefore the difficulty level of each exam is the same.

Do the Year 5 summer courses include a mock exam?

Yes. If your child attends any Marie Redmond Tuition 5-day Summer Course, an 11+ mock test is included at the end of their course. This is included in the course fees and does not need to be booked separately; however, you can supplement this with a number of additional mock exams below.

Please check our summer course page to discover which test papers are already included in our summer courses. For example, if your child attends week 1 of our summer course and is preparing for the Buckinghamshire test, they will sit GL Assessment-style mock test paper E on the final day of the course. If you book any of our Year 5 summer courses, we will contact you to let you know which additional exams are suitable for you to book.

Would you like to pay using Tax-Free Childcare or Childcare Vouchers?

We welcome payment by Tax-Free Childcare and Childcare Vouchers. Simply select this payment option when booking and we’ll hold your child’s mock exams for 7 days. If your payment is received within 7 days, your booking will be finalised and we will notify you by email.

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Every exam is unique and provides additional practice; they can be sat in any order.

Discover the difference between exams in our FAQs.

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