Slough 11 Plus Exam

Introduction to the Slough Consortium 11 Plus

To be eligible to apply for a place at a Slough grammar school (Herschel Grammar School, Langley Grammar School, St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School and Upton Court Grammar School), your child will need to pass the Slough Consortium 11 Plus exam. Children born between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014 will take the Slough Consortium 11+ exam on Saturday 21st September 2024 to be eligible to apply for a place for September 2025.

The Consortium operates a shared 11 Plus testing process with the four schools using the same test papers and common eligibility criteria for selection. In October 2022, CEM Cambridge formally announced its decision to stop providing paper based exams from September 2023; therefore the Slough Consortium required a new exam provider from 2023. At that point, we immediately switched all students preparing for Slough to our GL Assessment syllabus; by making this decision before the new exam board was confirmed, we ensured that our Slough students received nearly 4 months of additional preparation for the GL-style of questions. On Tuesday 7th February 2023, it was announced that the Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools had contracted with GL Assessment for the 11+ examinations to be held in September 2023, 2024 and 2025. The tests identify the top 35% of the cohort as eligible for consideration for entry to grammar school and the eligibility mark is 111.

The Slough Consortium has its own contract with GL Assessment and there will be no sharing of 11+ scores with any other schools. Therefore, for example, a student applying to both Buckinghamshire and Slough will need to sit both exams.


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  • She was successful in her 11 plus exams. She scored 142 in the Bucks exam and 130 for the Slough Consortium. She is very relieved and settled in to enjoying year 6. She wanted me to pass on her thanks. I would like to thank you and your team for your hard work in preparing her for the exams and the support throughout the process. Special thanks to Sinead, she was very good for the kids.

    Year 5 parent, Slough (2018)

  • Ayana did extremely well and passed both the Slough and Buckinghamshire exams ( with top scores ) She also attended the book club & thoroughly enjoyed it Thank you so much for the journey that started 3 years ago Highly recommend[From Google Review. The location of the parent/child has been excluded as their full name is featured on Google]

    Year 6 parent, Location Confidential (2022)

  • I just wondered if you could pass on a huge thank you to the ladies who administered the test at RGS in High Wycombe. My daughter Millie was quite upset and nervous when she arrived and they were so welcoming and made her feel so comfortable. This was exactly the reason we decided to do a practice test and Millie came out feeling a lot more comfortable about the whole experience and that is really down to the two ladies that we met there. Many thanks again.

    Year 5 parent, Slough (2023)

  • The lessons are very well organised and the communication is clear. The teachers are very nice and approachable. My son enjoyed his lessons at MRT and was happy to pass both Slough and Bucks 11+ tests![From Google Review. The location of the parent/child has been excluded as their full name is featured on Google]

    Year 6 parent, Location Confidential (2022)

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FAQs About the Slough 11 Plus

What does the Slough 11 Plus exam include?
  • The Slough 11 Plus exam consists of two papers, taken on the same day, each approximately 60 minutes in duration and testing English, mathematics, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.
  • All questions on both papers are multiple choice and pupils indicate their answers on a separate answer sheet.
What does the Slough 11 Plus exam look like?

The provider of the Slough 11+ exam changed from CEM to GL Assessment in September 2023. Parent guides and familiarisation papers are available to download on the admissions pages of each of the Slough Consortium Grammar Schools.

How do I register my child for the Slough 11 Plus exam?
  • You need to register your child to take the Slough Consortium 11 Plus test.
  • Online registration for the 2024 exam (for September 2025 entry) opened at 10am on Wednesday 1st May 2024 and closes at 10am on Wednesday 12th June 2024. You can register by clicking here.
  • The sole purpose of registration is to enable your son or daughter to sit the 11 Plus exam. The consortium will order one set of exam papers for them, therefore ensure that you complete the registration process once only.

What Is Required to Pass the Slough 11 Plus?

Verbal skills, i.e. English and Verbal Reasoning (approx. 50% of the mark)

  • Comprehension
  • Verbal reasoning (the production of words, relationships between words, letters and numbers)
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation

Numerical Reasoning (approx. 25% of the mark)

  • Basic skills (addition, multiplication, division and subtraction)
  • Mental maths development
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Extracting information from graphs and tables
  • Averages
  • Foundation algebra concepts
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Area and volume
  • 2d and 3d shapes

Non-verbal Reasoning (approx. 25% of the mark)

  • Spatial awareness
  • Logical deduction skills
  • Mathematical concepts such as symmetry, rotation and reflection
  • Identifying relationships, similarities and differences between figures
  • Identifying sequences between shapes

Data-led approach with SuccessTrack® by Marie Redmond

Our term time students are assessed twice during each team – at half term and at the end of term. Based on the outcome of their initial assessment, we will create a tuition plan that sets their individual targets for each area they are preparing for (e.g. verbal, non-verbal and numerical reasoning). All lessons throughout the course are then designed to develop these areas. We continually monitor our student's progress; this means that we can check they’ve achieved their individual targets and revise their tuition plan to ensure that it suits their needs and challenges. Parents are always welcome to get in touch with us at any time during your child’s tuition, to gain feedback on their development.

SuccessTrack® by Marie Redmond is our unique data-led service that allows parents to:

  • Track their child’s progress over the Year 4 and 5 term time courses - our charts visualise a students' performance in each area of the 11 Plus, using data from our regular assessments (2 per term).
  • See their child's overall score and how that compares to our recommended pass mark for each exam they are planning to sit.
  • View anonymously how their child's scores compare (for each topic area and at a total level) to the average of all children in their cohort.
  • View their child's termly tuition plan, created using data from their assessments.
  • Read the end of term student report from their child's teacher.

Marie Redmond's Superbrain® 11+ Resources

A range of Marie Redmond's Superbrain® Books are provided exclusively to students on our courses.Marie Redmond's Superbrain® 11+ Flashcards packaging Using the knowledge gained during her eleven years of preparing students for the 11+ and independent school entrance exams, Marie Redmond MEd has written a number of verbal reasoning, English and maths books. Additionally, a range of verbal reasoning holiday course books are provided exclusively to students attending our Year 5 11+ Easter and 11+ summer holiday courses.

Marie Redmond's Superbrain® 11 Plus Flash Cards are given to all our term time students when they join, to supercharge their vocabulary skills.


Marie Redmond's Superbrain® Books for Year 5 11+ Tuition Courses in Slough

Marie Redmond's Superbrain® Verbal Reasoning and Maths Books

Marie Redmond's Superbrain® Books for Year 5 11+ Intensive Holiday Courses in Slough

Marie Redmond's Superbrain® Verbal Reasoning and Maths Books

Marie Redmond's Superbrain® Books for Year 4 11+ Tuition Courses in Slough

Marie Redmond's Superbrain® Year 4 Books

The Marie Redmond Tuition® Book Club

Marie Redmond Tuition Book ClubSharing our enjoyment of books is a fantastic way to encourage reading and therefore develop vocabulary and comprehension at home. The Marie Redmond Tuition® Book Club is an excellent platform for discussions about books, opportunities for creativity and promoting reading for pleasure. Discover our book of the month.

Creative Writing Course

Creative Writing Course

11+ Creative Writing Course for the Reading School entrance exam

The virtual creative writing course is taught by our experienced teacher, Anne, who has an immense passion for reading and writing and leads our Book Club, in addition to teaching 11+ courses. This option is particularly useful for boys preparing for the Reading School 11+ exam but is open to all our students.

Students attend one creative writing lesson per week on Zoom, which lasts for 45 minutes. During every lesson they participate in a fun writing skills warm-up activity which might focus on grammar or a literary device, they might read and analyse a writing example or use a story prompt, and then work on creating their own text.

Every week there is a focus which can include story settings, characters, openings, events / problems and resolutions.Marie Redmond's Superbrain® Creative Writing Notebook Students practise writing in a variety of formats such as stories, plays, newspaper articles and letters. They are taught to use a variety of literary techniques and we show them how to draft their work, as well as reviewing and editing.

Homework is set every week. Students build upon the tasks in their lesson to create their own text. The texts are then reviewed at the start of the next lesson.

One lesson per week on Zoom, lasting 45 minutes. Tuesdays at 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm or 6:30 pm.

For further information, including fees, term dates and FAQ's, please visit our creative writing course page.

11+ Mock Exams with Marie Redmond 11+ Intelligent Video Learning®

11 Plus Mock ExamsGet exam ready with Marie Redmond Tuition® Slough 11 Plus Mock Exams.

Students who sat our 11 Plus mock exams in 2023 said they were very similar to the actual test, which made them feel prepared and confident when sitting the exam.


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