Eleven Plus Tutors

Could your child benefit from our eleven plus tutors?

Is your child at the age where they need to start prepping for their entrance exams? Maybe your child is partially nervous about the exam process and you would like to give them a confidence boost? Or perhaps they’re struggling in a certain subject?

When a child reaches Year 4 and Year 5, they may find it incredibly beneficial to spend some time with an eleven plus tutor.

At Marie Redmond Tuition we provide 11 plus tuition courses that are led by our very own experienced primary teachers. Offering years of experience, they are able to educate and guide your child whilst they navigate this new chapter.

With Marie Redmond Tuition you can benefit from:

  • An assessment of your child’s current level of ability
  • Progress reports so we can monitor improvements
  • A personalised plan which details their specific targets
  • A supportive and challenging environment
  • Small classes that allow us to give them the individual attention they require
  • Realistic mock exams

To see our availability, take a look around our website today. To register your child, follow the steps on our website or feel free to call us on 01494 956809 to discuss your requirements.

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