Primary Teacher Jobs in Bucks

At Marie Redmond Tuition, we support children's education with new primary teacher jobs in Bucks

Primary teacher jobs in Bucks
Are you familiar with Marie Redmond, the founder of Marie Redmond Tuition in Buckinghamshire? Marie Redmond is a qualified primary teacher, passionate about academic success for Years 4 and 5 children. At Marie Redmond Tuition, we provide 11+ courses, 11+ mock exams, and other essential 11+ resources to support children's skills and personal growth. We are constantly on the lookout for talented and passionate primary educators for our primary teacher jobs in Bucks.

What can parents expect from our teachers?

We strongly encourage you to discover the impact our primary teacher jobs in Buckinghamshire can have by reading the testimonials we receive from parents. Our passionate primary teachers can make a real difference for children:

  • They help children acquire difficult skills
  • They prepare children for success at their 11 Plus exams
  • They provide one-to-one attention to overcome issues
  • They help children gain confidence and motivation

Why you should apply for our primary teacher jobs in Bucks

You will be joining a team of passionate, supportive, fully qualified, and highly experienced teachers committed to making a difference in children's education. Our on-site 11+ courses run on weekdays and at the weekend at various locations in Bucks and Berks in small COVID-safe classes so that every teacher can dedicate their attention to their students.

We take great pride in equipping our teachers to provide an outstanding educational experience to children:

  • All detailed lesson plans and course materials provided
  • Training as you join and ongoing
  • Small class sizes
  • A friendly and welcoming team
  • High rate of pay

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